Founded in 2013, is an endeavour to give the Indian hobbyist easy access to cutting edge gardening and hydroponic technology.

Our penchant for growing our own food has taken us far and wide looking for innovative hydroponic systems, world class soluble nutrients and other cutting edge agricultural tools. The result is an easy to navigate online portal that is far from just your average hydroponic web-shop, but a thriving community of green thumbed gurus and agricultural enthusiasts.

At growhouse we believe that it is our passion for growing at home that brings us together, rather than the methods we use to grow. Our soil gardening enthusiasts will find a unique trove of useful tools, fertilizer, grow media additives and pots.

Maintaining home gardens is our passion – we understand the need for using world class products and the immense happiness that eating what you’ve grown brings.

All in all, we know that food tastes better when you grow it yourself, and we have everything you need to do just that.

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